Dean Warhaft

Dean Warhaft

Chief Development Officer

Dean Warhaft plays a key role in many aspects for FECR, including legal matters, project coordination and management, acquisition of entitlements, zoning and land use matters, platting, permitting, construction logistics, project feasibility analysis, BIM modeling, GIS modeling, value engineering, and public-private joint ventures.

Dean also is responsible for coordinating the competitive selection of professionals, vendors, suppliers, development team of architects, engineers, and other consultants through entitlement, design, and construction drawing phases before turning a permitted site over to the construction department. He works closely with government agencies and consultants to develop FECR’s new projects. Dean works closely with property management on licensing, compliance, and other operational issues. In this capacity, he also sits on the Board of Directors for 2020 Ponce Condominium Association, Opera Tower Condominium Association, The Club at Brickell Bay Commercial Condominium Association, and Brickell Bay Plaza Master Association.

For the new Panorama Tower, Dean was responsible for FAA approval (as the tallest building in Florida); Major Use Special Permit modification by Warrant for additional entitlements, including a 208-unit hotel and 821 apartments; and negotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Miami to formalize the construction logistics required to construct the three million square foot mixed-use project in the Brickell area. Further, in addition to his role as Development Coordinator on this landmark project, Dean has worked with the County and State to have it included within the Miami-Dade County Enterprise Zone Boundary, which will help create hundreds of direct jobs for people in the community suffering from pervasive poverty and high unemployment.

For the new One Bayfront Plaza, which will be the tallest building south of New York, Dean is developing an incentive model, in conjunction with leasing strategy, for the 1,049 foot high mega structure with over three million square feet, designed to be a fully mixed-use center with AAA office space, high-end residences, a luxury convention hotel, and an upscale retail mall.

Further, Dean has obtained the historic designation of one of the original live-work buildings in Coral Gables and worked to secure development rights and finalize construction drawings for the planned revival of the City’s live-work district, designed to meet the needs of the modern new urban environment that Coral Gables is seeking to create.

A graduate of Seattle University’s School of Law, as well as a licensed professional land surveyor, Dean provides extensive experience as a real estate development attorney both in Washington and Florida. He also has had the opportunity to race and explore all over the world, as a participant in over two decades of Ironman triathlons and other endurance events.